Ice Puzzle  by Wendy Newcomb

Current winter and holiday show is in the Gallery! This seasonal show will celebrate winter's soft light.

Featured artists include: Wendy Newcomb, Valerie Aponik, Sally Loughridge, Molly Brown of Molly Maps, Doug Frati, Peter Brown, Kathleen Buchanan, Nina Devenney, Wayne Robbins, Richard Dunham, Wharf Warp, Emily Diaz Norton, Christina Vincent, Addie Peet, Abe Goodale and more!

Gallery Winter show

Painters Valerie Aponik, Nina Devenney, Sally Loughridge and Molly Brown display a wide variety of styles and perspectives while Doug Frati's carved wall pieces add some texture and depths to the walls. Peter Brown's end-grain mosaic pieces are a great compliment to furniture by Christina Vincent. Peter's boxes and show stopping Jacob's ladder piece bring viewers throughout the space. Nina's soft watercolors feature the light and moon shade of winter. Addie Peet's floor mats endure the snow and ice and bring cheer to any floor. Richard Dunham has brought in new pieces for gift giving. Abe Goodale has brought back 3 stunning watercolor portraits of men who fish. Wendy Newcomb's cheery palette brightens the winter landscapes she sees and draws viewers into the woods.

Come visit and explore what you find - a full moon, a raven, a grasshopper, seagulls, fisherman, who knows what you'll see...

Show is on exhibit until Spring.