Terry M Hire

Terry Hire received his BFA in Art History and BA in history from the University of Tennessee.  Prior to moving to Maine in 1981, he lived in Nashville, TN where he was an interior designer, working on hospital design, store planning, and private home design. During that time, he fell in love with photography and took courses at the Maine Photographic Workshop in Rockport. He moved to Maine in 1981. His long-time interest in photography was put on hold during his work as an interior designer at WBRDC Architecture in Bangor until he opened his own firm, Design Alternatives, in Belfast.  

He says about his work, "Using the camera to paint images from beyond our reach and aiming toward the reality beneath the surface texture, I work with the build environment to create Abstraction. I reduce it, free the tangible to represent another dimension. References often emerge but they are subordinate to the aesthetic whole. It is a process of discovery, not of preconceptions. The forms and color -- building blocks in my sculptural yet two-dimensional images -- allows one to slide behind the obvious and to access the emotional landscape within".

For the last 15 years he seriously pursued photography, and his colorful images are in the hands of many private collectors. Terry Hire died unexpectedly on January 31, 2020.

His work is on exhibit through the gracious permission of his widow and the oversight of James Nickelson.

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