Kaitlyn Miller

“I paint in response to that which calls to be seen and appreciated. Even a simple birch branch against the sky holds immeasurable beauty. Within the island confines of ocean, rocks and shore, there are limitless opportunities for capturing a new perspective. The island is an intimate place where, even if you step foot for a day, you share a common experience with all who have come before you and everyone yet to arrive. There is beauty in the moment to moment experiences of being here, on this island, in this community. I am called and compelled to capture and share it.”

Kaitlyn Miller has lived and worked year-round on Little Cranberry Island since 2008. She received her BFA in Ceramics from Maine College of Art in 2007 and has been a studio potter since, working summers at Islesford Pottery. With an enduring love for color and the island, she is most recently translating the beauty of her surroundings onto canvas with acrylic paints.

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