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2024 island journal


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2024 Island Journal

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The Island Journal, an annual publication of the Island Institute, offers insights into island and coastal life through personal profiles and stories, fiction and poetry, and stunning photography and art. 

The Island Institute is a donor-supported, nonprofit community development organization that works to sustain Maine’s island and coastal communities. To learn more, visit

Resonance opens in the Gallery

Join us in the gallery for “Resonance” celebrating Maine, now on display through June 30.  Resonance has the quality of being deep, full and reverberating and we hope this show has those qualities for the viewers as the works engage the audience in their love of Maine. The gallery shares work of 4 local artists using acrylic, wool,
ceramic, collagraph print, and cotton as their media. Enjoy these depictions of Maine’s coastal elements with varied works on display.

Browse ceramic fish heads, original
textile art landscapes, collagraphs, paintings, wool landscapes and more. n

The featured artists Kathleen Buchanan, Terry Golson, Michelle Leclerc, and Catherine Worthington.

For more information about the show, visit the Gallery News page.

To view and shop the limited online gallery, visit this collection.

Archipelago Artist Profiles - New!

Read on to learn more about Dylan Metrano’s remarkable paper cutting work and his role as co-founder of La Nef Chocolate. This popular and beloved Maine-made chocolate brand is aligned with Archipelago and Island Institute’s mission of supporting local artists and building community. Through La Nef, Dylan champions Maine's art community by collaborating with visual artists to create package designs.

Part of the ongoing series of Archipelago artist profiles, this profile looks at one of Archipelago's artists who has sold work with us since the beginning, 2000.

Read the full profile here. Shop the La Nef chocolate collection HERE.

Creative Economy Hub

Have you heard? Archipelago and the Island Institute have launched a hub for artists, makers, and arts-based businesses featuring artist voices and stories, pre-recorded events, web-based creative and business resources, as well as opportunities to connect, learn, and create. Be sure to also visit the Creative Economy Hub for a plethora of resources and content for artists and makers.

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