Olga Merrill

Brunswick - Olga Merrill is a visual artist primarily using the medium of photography. “It's incredible beauty everywhere“ she said to her Mainer husband during her first summer, 2013, in the USA. He surprised her with the camera at the end of 2015. Since then, her view of the world was made through lenses and the world got another artist whose works are inspired by the beautiful Maine seacoast.

Some of Merrill's seascape images give the traditional sense of pictorialist graininess, and an almost meditatively slow feel of a mysterious, painted picture. The fascinating pattern of ice images pursues the exploration of emotion, providing more opportunity for an imaginative response from the viewer.

All Olga's abstract works create space in the minds of those who allow themselves to become absorbed in a dreamlike world.

She said “I feel happy in fairy tale Maine and I invite everybody to see how Maine reflects my vision, dreams and feelings."

For more about Olga, read her bio here: https://olgamerrill.com/about/

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