Westbrook - "I have been painting plein air in Maine, Down East, Mid-Coast, and on Monhegan Island for over 30 years. My experiences aboard ship with my Norwegian-born fisherman father and as a crewmember on a commercial tuna boat inform much of my sea-related imagery. Another influence on this work is my resident-artist position at Portland’s New England Ocean Cluster, a collaborative workplace for ocean-related projects that are sustainable, profitable, and inclusive. The confluence of these experiences and the clear and present danger of our global climate emergency influenced the Ocean Blues. 

Ocean Blues combines plein air watercolor painting with other methods and materials. The Fan Mount shape is a homage to Gauguin and Degas while the encircling elements acknowledge Delacroix’s remarques, studies bordering his lithographs. The series also alludes to perception since the field of human vision is delimited and perspectival."


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