Archipelago, the retail component of the Island Institute, showcases Maine artists and makers whose work reflects the beauty and endurance of Maine's islands and coast. They exhibit through its store and gallery - both online and on Main Street in Rockland. Since opening in 2000, Archipelago has advanced the careers of more than 1500 Maine residents, while playing a pivotal role in Rockland's emergence as a dynamic center of arts and culture. In doing so, it has become a prominent element of Maine's creative economy. As an economic development program of the Island Institute, Archipelago staff spend over 400 hours a year mentoring artists to increase skills and knowledge for running arts-based small businesses. Archipelago also offers the Artists and Makers Conference every April providing workshops, keynote speakers, and networking to support art-based businesses throughout Maine.

We're proud to sell only made in Maine gifts, crafts, housewares, jewelry and art! Over 250 artists from 20 different islands and the coast of Maine are represented.


This May 10, 1956 photo of the Pillsbury Block located at 386 Main Street shows the well known Senter-Crane’s department store which occupied the building from 1926-1994. The block was built in 1859 by Samuel Pillsbury. The second floor was occupied by the Knox County government offices from 1860-1875 and the Rockland Commercial College after that. Today the Pillsbury Block is our home.

A 1923 interior view of the W.O. Hewitt Co. department store that was located in the Pillsbury Block at 386 Main Street (above). In 1926 Wilbur Senter and Kennedy Crane founded Senter-Crane Co. and moved into this building. The well known elevator can be seen in the background. This is the lower level of the building where Archipelago's store, gallery, and stock room are located.

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Retail Store Manager

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Customer Service Associate

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The 2018 Archipelago Artists & Makers Conference took place on Friday, April 6, 2018, welcoming close to 200 artists and makers from across the state to Hedges Hall at Point Lookout in Northport for a full day of information, networking, and presentations tailored to the needs of Maine's arts-based businesses.

Open to all artists and makers who live and produce work in Maine, the annual event attracts participants from all four corners of the state and offers three themed tracks that highlight information for those just starting a business, those looking to take their business to the next level, and those interested in tips for maintaining fulfillment, passion, and inspiration in their business!


For more information and resources from this year’s conference, please visit here