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Coastal Mood
Artwork L to R: Katharine Cartwright, Christine Wolff, Pam Cabanas, Shanna Wheelock, Christina Blank, and Karen Gola

Join us for “Coastal Mood” celebrating Maine, on display through October 28. “Coastal Mood” shares works of 6 local artists using india ink, charcoal, stone, glass, watercolor, acrylic, and wood as their media. Enjoy these depictions of Maine’s coastal mood with varied works on display.

Join us in the gallery from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, September 1 to meet the artists and share good food, drink and conversations! We will be serving goodies, cider and more!

The featured artists include Katharine Cartwright, Pam Cabanas, Karen Gola, Christina Blank, Christine Wolff and Shanna Wheelock.

Katharine Cartwright

Pieces from Cartwright’s Third Watch series will be exhibited depicting many minute details of ship ropes coiled and ready for use. Cartwright is an internationally recognized artist and instructor living in Spruce Head and uses india ink for this work. The work was inspired by her sailings aboard tall ships.

Pam Cabanas

Cabanas is always out and about wandering the coast’s coves and inlets admiring and gleaning subject matter. Large, awesome works inspired by Friendship scenes using a variety of media will be in the gallery. Pick up a copy of the 2023 Island Journal, the Island Institute’s annual publication, to see a folio of Cabanas’ work.

Karen Gola

Gola brings her glass horseshoe crabs and sting rays to Archipelgo for the first time. Her craft in glass is exceptional and these are particular treats for sea creature lovers. “In glass I find an amazing material that can capture the organic essence of nature,” she says of her medium.

Christina Blank

Blank gathered many of her favorite, faithful woodworking tools to spend hours upon hours crafting exquisitely special pieces for this gallery show. Pieces like a Bunchberry Dogwood flower with spring peeper balancing on a mahogany base are breathtaking in the level of craft and beauty.

Christine Wolff

Wolff assembles glass and stone into captivating panels whose subjects ebb and flow with the tides. She has always incorporated natural patterns seen in nature into her art while exploring texture and color.

Shanna Wheelock

Wheelock will be showing pottery with sculptural elements as well as drawings with coastal-inspired details she observes in her town of Lubec.  She states: “A Maine native, I came to live in a remote fishing village bordering Canada just over a decade ago. A potter by trade as well as a sculptor and weaver, the area in which I live has influenced my work on many levels. I gather inspiration from the natural environment as well as the local history and culture.”

We hope to see you at the opening! 

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