Shanna Wheelock

“My work is guided by sense of place, a desire for connection, and a curiosity for the creative process. I am intrigued by Edgar Cayce’s idea that geographic locations emanate their own signature vibration. For the past eighteen years I have lived in a remote fishing village that by some estimations is the “edge of the earth.”  It is sparsely populated and located at the easternmost reaches of the United States, bordered by a small Canadian Island and vast sea. Lubec is a town that some describe as a spiritual portal which contains a signature energetic vibration through a combination of strong tidal resonance and its people and their history. The artwork that I create is not only a response to this energy, but an honoring of the community and the generations of people who have lived and worked here before me. While my work often represents the social structure of this particular geographic space, the symbols used within my work also serve as a metaphor for my own experiences and beliefs.

A Maine native, I came to live in a remote fishing village bordering Canada just over a decade ago. A potter by trade as well as a sculptor and weaver, the area in which I live has influenced my work on many levels. I gather inspiration from the natural environment as well as the local history and culture.”