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"Believe it or not, it's been 40 years since those newly shorn sheep were towed by boat to Allen Island and photographer Peter Ralston captured their transit in the iconic image that graced the cover of the first Island Journal in 1984. We like to believe the publication, like most 40 year olds, has some well-earned experiences, perspectives, and maybe even some wisdom to share in its mission reflecting the richness of the life and culture of Maine's islands and coast. Not surprisingly, given the anniversary, the 2024 Island Journal will bring readers some history—the creation of the now-central community institution that is Waterman's Community Center on North Haven, the story of the Lunt family and its place on Frenchboro, the storied boat Bajupa and its evolving role in Maine's fishery economy, and the colorful days of rum runners and the boats they and their law enforcement adversaries both relied on. We also look ahead to the changes afoot in Jonesport and Beals Island, one of the coast's last communities in which fishing families are able to live and work. The multi-faceted beauty of Penobscot Bay is covered in selections from Carl and David Little's book, and a profile of a diplomat of sorts on Chebeague Island also are among our offerings. We hope you carve out some time this summer to immerse yourself in these and much more in the 40th edition of Island Journal."    -- Tom Groening, Editor

The Island Journal, an annual publication of the Island Institute, offers insights into island and coastal life through personal profiles and stories, fiction and poetry, and stunning photography and art.