Sally Loughridge

South Bristol - "From early childhood,  I have been drawn to artistic pursuits, whether a crayon sketch of seashells, a mobile made from driftwood and coral, or a watercolor image of my Baltimore neighborhood.  I have painted throughout my life, but have had no formal art education beyond occasional workshops and classes. As my children grew older, I became able to pursue my art interests more fully.  In 1999, I moved permanently to Maine.  I now paint almost daily and think about art in virtually all my conscious hours.  
The complex and mysterious interplay of form, color, texture, light, and movement in ocean, sky, forest, or garden is a compelling stimulus for my painting.  I am particularly drawn to scenes when change is underway - such as an approaching storm, the edge of spring, or the rising moon.  I hope to stir the viewer emotionally, whether in memory or anticipation."