Planet Botanicals

Westbrook - Sustainably sourced from growers - fresh ingredients from farm to bottle. We are committed to making organic and natural products for you. Our artisan skincare products are all-natural, plant-based, made with the highest quality ingredients, and without harmful chemicals. We create all of our unique luxurious body creams, soaps and scrubs in our workshop in Westbrook Maine, in a historic mill building on the Presumpscott River. We buy our ingredients fairly and ethically from growers around the world like family farms and women’s shea butter cooperatives in Africa as well as seaweed harvesters right here in Maine. Our skincare products provide an effective blend of botanical ingredients for healing and nourishing and that promote healthy, radiant and beautiful skin. We carefully research and select our fruit oils, butters, seaweed and essential oil to make you look and feel your best. As the skin can absorb about 60% of what we put on it, we are committed to creating healthy products for your skin.