Kathleen Buchanan

Rockport - Kathleen Buchanan is a printmaker and painter living and working on the coast of Maine. When printmaking, she works almost exclusively in the collagraph medium.
"I create images that evoke a strong sense of place, memory, and connection to the landscape and its inhabitants. Living on the coast of Maine gives me access to a dynamic landscape that shifts endlessly through tides, storm cycles, and seasons. My work often explores places of transition: ocean meeting spruce-lined granite shores, or farmland giving way to undeveloped forest. I am inspired by the beauty of this corner of the world where I live. My goal is to create images to connect people to the natural world and to remind the viewer that we exist within community. In our contemporary culture, we are easily separated from the rhythms and resources that nurture us. It is my hope that my work will help to ground the viewer in their sense of place and belonging."