Kathleen Buchanan

I am constantly inspired by the area where I live- the coast of Maine always reinvents itself with ever-changing ocean and sky, and seasons which each have grace and character all their own.  My two children fuel the creative process by reminding me to engage the world with a sense of newness and discovery.  In addition, music and poetry influence my work and fill my studio at all times.  I look to the work of Rockwell Kent, Sabra Field, Christy Moore, and Billy Collins for guidance and energy to keep creating.

As an artist, I am fascinated by relationships.  My connection to the natural world, my role as a mother, and my own sense of self all find expression in my images.  I enjoy looking at landscapes and their inhabitants not only as appealing composition subjects, but also as metaphors for our human experience.  Collagraph printing, with all its intricacy and subtlety, is a fascinating medium to use in the communication of these ideas.