Anita Roelz

Woolwich, ME - "I have found my creative journey begins as a form of day dreaming. Natural markings on trees and leaves that impart an impression of texture in my memory inspire me to replicate these in my own expressive technique. With each year I grow on my journey as a metalsmith, a woman who uses hammers of many weights and material of varying thicknesses. I move the metal with my hammers, I heat it and hammer, then repeat many times to achieve the pattern, texture and shape I am looking for. Sculpting the metal with each blow of the hammer, finally shaping with files and sandpaper, oxidizing and hand polishing with steel wool to create a finished piece. Textures are revealed that lend themselves to my inspirations, of bark, sand, of organic linen fabric. Each piece is patterned with it’s own character and substance, created by hammer and hand." -Anita Roelz, Circle Stone Designs

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