Tiny Tomte Ornament

Margaret A.P. Olson
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These tiny Tomtes have the same sweet details and same cheering powers as the larger family members, but they'll hang in your window, or on your tree for all to see! Each is different and unique. 

Nordic Tomtes are little garden gnomes with special magical powers that help protect you and bring you happiness. Each is made from pre-loved wool clothing, sweaters, and buttons thus each tomte is unique and equally lovely! All of these are our favorites! But, because of the unique aspects and wide variations of these tomtes, we cannot accommodate requests for specific colors over the phone or online. You're always welcome to stop in our brick and mortar store on Rockland's Main Street to pick your favorite.

We hope that the one that finds its way into your home brings you much joy and happiness!

Made on Vinalhaven by Margaret Olson, each is approximately 4 1/2" tall with hat. 

3 are shown for variety, $20 is for one.