River Voices: Perspectives on the Presumpscot

Patricia L Newell
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"If you grew up believing there was no better place to be than the nearest river or stream, this book is for you. From start to finish, it's a reminder why rivers bring us joy and banish the humdrum of our lives. And, when you learn what the Friends of the Presumpscot River have done to heal their river, you'll be inspired to do the same for your treasured waterways, too."


--Paul Gallay, Hudson Riverkeeper


At the Friends of the Presumpscot River annual meeting in Westbrook, March 15, 2003, keynote speaker Senator George J. Mitchell remarked-"It's not often we're given a second chance with something as fragile as a river. Let's keep working on it. After all, the Presumpscot River has worked hard in the service of mankind for hundreds of years. It's time we returned that favor."

By Robert M. Stanford and William S. Plumley