Monkey Fist Knot Candle

Christine Myrick
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The monkey's fist, or monkey's paw knot was traditionally used by sailors to add extra weight to the end of a heaving line, used to throw a cable from ship to shore. The knot, often containing an extra weight, would be tied at one end of the line, and the other end would be tied to the heavier cable. These candles will be sure to add some coastal and maritime charm to your decor. 

  • Unscented
  • Coconut and beeswax blend
  • Candle dimensions approx 3x3"
  • The melt pools may vary, candles may tunnel and that is to be expected, it preserves the outer detail and structure of the candle
  • Do not leave your candle unattended and burn on a heat safe surface or plate to catch melted wax