Medium Ceramic Garden Koi

Tyson Weiss
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Add a splash of color and art to your lawn or garden with this ceramic koi fish. Each fish comes with two support rods to elevate them in your garden area, or you can simply place them on your shelf for a lovely indoor decoration.  

  • Size: ~ 12” long x 6” tall  

  • Includes two 16” supportive rods 

  • each fish is unique so colors and patterns will vary by order

About the creator: Fish in the Garden’s mission is to create new, unique, and creative home and garden accents. Their designs focus on the visual –cerebral sensations of ‘flow’ that are most clearly seen by the way schools of fish curve in response to elements throughout an underwater landscape. To learn more about them and see more of their work click here.   


Salsa - red base with orange spots

Salsa w. Black 

Blue Crystal - blue, green, grey, pink blend

Cobault - deep blue

Kohaku - white base, orange and yellow spots 

Kohaku with black 

Celestial - dark blue and grey blend 

Sky Blue