Leather Cased Travel Cribbage

Cast & Carve
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Our all natural leather and wood travel cribbage board is hand crafted from top to bottom and includes any 2 sets of our original personalized custom cribbage pegs! This game folds in half to fit easily and be super portable and durable in your back pocket or any travel bag.

Made of 100% solid cherry wood and all natural real leather. Our unique “window” on the outside of our board cut out of the design of your choice (Maine, Lobster, or Lighthouse). Comes with 2 sets of matching peg designs or personalization of your choice, and board stays closed easily with built in magnets.

3″ x 5″ inches game folded. 3″ x 10″ game opened.
About 1/2″ thickness.

– Travel Cribbage Board with Leather cover
– Set of 2 matching pegs, enclosed inside board