Island Journal 2013

Island Institute
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The 2013 Island Journal celebrates the Island Institute's 30th anniversary with articles on young fishermen, a thriving micro-agriculture project on Monhegan, the arts economy on the Cranberry Isles, and personal reflection on island politics by Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree. There are three folios, from photographers Michael Seif, David Conover, and Peter Ralston, offering three distinct-and different-views of life on the Maine coast.


Table of Contents:

From the Helm: Our Means Do Not Know Our Ends, by Philip Conkling

In It for the Long Haul: Young Lobstermen Are Deciding Whether to Keep Fishing,by Nancy Griffin My Garden in Your Backyard, by Scott Sell

The Cable Is the Key: Block Islanders Debate Industrial Wind, by Dave McGlinchey Michael Seif: Photographing the Naiads, by Tina Cohen

The Omni-Competent Beverly: Be Careful What Tool You Give Her, by Philip Conkling

A Secret Threat: Climate Change Arrives on the Maine Coast, by Jason Mann

What I Take with Me: From Island Town Meeting to Congress, by Chellie Pingree

Island 360?: A New Perspective, by David Conover

The Gardner Bill: 100 Years Ago, Fishermen Failed to Ban the Otter Trawl, by Matthew McKenzie

Islesford's Creative Economy: Island Artists Must Also Be Entrepreneurs by Carl Little

Caring for Their Own: Penobscot Bay's Poor Farms, by Harry Gratwick

Diver Ed: Underwater Superhero, by Anne Bardaglio

Peter Ralston: His Common Touch, by Philip Conkling

Hauling in The Puddle, by Kate Oakes

It All Changes in a Heartbeat, by Ben Weinberg

Keeping the Lights On: Ingenuity, Dedication, and Diesel, by Suzanne MacDonald

Islands Are Character Magnets, by Kaitlin Webber