Island Journal 2008

Island Institute
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Stories include:
Dedication From the Helm - How did we get here from island sheep?

Catching the Island Wind - Turning breezes into megawatts looks simpler than it is
by Philip Conkling

Before Fossile Fuel, There Was the Tide...
by Ben Neal

Voices for Change - Fishermen organize to build their own future
by Robert Snyder

The Brand - To sell Maine's most famous product, you need to fire up the buyer's imagination
by David D. Platt

Encounters with the Pharaoh - For some Chebeague residents, visiting the Middle East is only a beginning
by Cherie Galyean

Maine to Sardinia - The cultures are different, but the island experience is the same
by Susan Little Olcott

Flukes, Flames and Boiling Blubber - Students 're-articulate' skeletons, creating beautiful museum pieces
by Terry Goodhue

In Residence - Coastal retreats offer inspiration to financially challenged artists
by Carl Little

In a New Light - A photographer transforms himself and his art
by Bruce Brown

Eiggachs, Gighachs, Diurachs and Sunshine Islanders
by Herbert Parsons

Good and Lawful Deeds
by Christina Marsden Gillis

President Roosevelt 'Goes Fishing'
by Harry Gratwick

Moved - Where buildings are concerned, islanders really get their money's worth
by Cyrus Moulton

The Missing Rednecks of Washington County - A whole species can't disappear - can it?
by Bob Moore