Island Journal 2007

Island Institute
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Stories Include:
From the Helm
Fresh Eyes by Steve Cartwright
Rabble-Rousers by David Platt
A Natural Heroine by Cherie Galyean
Painting a Blue Streak by Edgar Allen Beem
Sharp Tools, Smart Kids
The Sound of Youth by Philip Conkling
The French Connection by Nancy Griffin
Heavy Freight by Harry Gratwick
Backing into the Future by Muriel L. Hendrix
A New Day by Jen Litteral and Ben Neal
Only So Many Hours by Scott Sell
Old Ducker by Jim Rockefeller
'Relevent, Meaningful, Reliable, Accessible'
A Man of Ideas by David Tyler
Island Play by David T. Sobel
A Big Boys Camp Scrapbook by Tina Cohen
Salty and Sweet by Sally Noble