Blush Clay Mask 2oz

Brionne A. Beck
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A blend of French red clay and white (kaolin) clay is a wonderful way to detox the skin. This mask will leave you feeling super clean without drying out the skin.French red clay and Cosmetic white clay (Kaolin) is mainly comprised of minerals such as kaolinite, illite, and calcite, and oxide minerals. These clays bind with oils, bacteria and other impurities in the skin. Once the clay dries and is washed away, you'll be left with skin feeling clarified and balanced. These clays are rich in essential minerals and help the skin to regenerate cells, tighten pores, and reduce breakouts.

DIRECTIONS: in a separate container, two teaspoons of clay with a small amount of water - just enough to make a thin paste. apply evenly to the face and neck. may be left on until the clay dries. once clay is dry, rinse away with warm water. use up to two times per week. discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. for external use only. 


INGREDIENTS: French red clay, white cosmetic clay.