Awaken Facial Serum 1oz

Brionne A. Beck
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The ultimate moisturizing layer perfect for everyday use. A light blend of nutritious oils to protect and revitalize skin. Oils absorb into skin quickly but will keep your skin smooth and supple all day! ​Nutrient-dense oil blend formulated specifically for the face to provide a boost of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Bright carrot citrus scent will help awaken your skin and fight inflammation. Specially formulated to be light and fast absorbing for daytime use.

DIRECTIONS: after cleaning the face, apply 1 pump of oil to face. massage into skin using a circular motion. breathe deeply and set a positive intention for the day. discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. for external use only.


INGREDIENTS: evening primrose oil*, argan oil*, jojoba oil*, rosehip seed oil*, carrot seed oil, sweet orange essential oil*, grapefruit essential oil*, bergamot essential oil*.*Certified Organic