Shower Shot Gift Box

Claire Weinberg
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These Shower Shots are handcrafted in jello shot glass molds, scented with pure essential oils and topped with real Maine flower "confetti". Packed in compostable bags they are an eco friendly gift. Place one "shot" in the water stream of your shower, and as it dissolves, it releases essential oils bringing the benefits of aromatherapy to experience in your shower. Good for 1-2 showers depending on length and how exposed shot is to the shower stream.

These gift packages are curated by the mother and daughter creators of shower shots. Vacationland is a box of Maine, Inner Goddess has scent blends to balance and recharge right in the shower, and Sample Pack is full of our favorite scents. 

Vacationland:  Missing Maine?  Our Vacationland curated box has six shower shots capturing the clear, crisp scents of Maine including 2 Ocean (Lavender, Bergamont, Rosemary, Peppermint and Juniper), 2 Meadow and 2 Woods (Fir, Pine, and Cedarwood).

Inner Goddess:  The gift of self care with six shower shots to help with the highs and lows of life.  Includes 2 Energy, 2 Balance and 2 Clearing. 

Sample Pack Sample pack has 6 of our popular scents including Sinus Relief, Lavender, Feel Better, Clearing, Woods and Peppermint.