Ramblin' Man Bar

Claire Weinberg
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Our "Ramblin' Man" was originally designed for guys who wanted to simplify their lives.  It's the perfect bar for the guy on the go.  It's also a great bar for gals, especially gals with shorter hair- who don't need or want a lot of hair care products. Shave, shampoo, condition and wash...do it all with just one bar.  Great for travel, work and everyday.   The addition of wild harvested Maine seaweeds helps soothe an irritated and itchy scalp. Tea Tree essential oil contains anti-androgenic effects which may inhibit male hormones causing hair loss. 

The bar was tested on the men of Friendship, ME during the winter of 2016. The guys were all chosen for their facial hair- a good variety of clean shaven and beards.  This bar is great for a wide variety of facial hair including clean shaven, moustaches, goatees, soul patches, stubble and sideburns but not recommended for the guy with the big, heavy beard.

Handcrafted in small batches with Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil infused with Calendula petals, Olive Oil infused with Rosehips, Cocoa butter, Shea, Rosehip and Oarweed Tea, powdered kelp and essential oil of Tea Tree.

Simple to use and simply packaged in recycled tissue paper.