Sandra L Cole

Elliot - "My art is about joy of discovery and transformation through vitreous enamel. Powdered glass is transformed into brilliant depths of color and texture that go beyond the surface.

My love for this medium is ever growing.  To see the melted enamel emerge as I touch torch and cool to expose brilliant colors, creates a sense of wonderment and excitement every time.  I walk the beach and gather stones and other found objects. I am drawn to their complexity, patterns, surfaces, and colors. I use these objects to trace  their organic shapes on copper  for my jewelry designs.

My present work combines the technique of  fold forming copper  into bowls, spoons, sculptured jewelry, then enameled with multiple layers of powdered glass, each individual piece fired 5 or 6 times by torch. This produces a detailed, textured look and feel. My current work also focuses on geometric and abstract patterns with contrasts of shape and color."