Portland - Rebecca has been working with clay, teaching and firing kilns for nearly 20 years. She is a native of the foothills of Western Maine, where she first developed her love of creating objects from the natural world. Rebecca’s current body of functional work is primarily formed on the potters wheel with earthenware, often altered and low fired in an electric kiln. Her nature inspired contemporary ceramics employ a variety of layered surface design. Working with both red and white earthenware is a conscious material choice that relates to her interests of sustainability and a lower impact on the planet. In grad school she made the switch from high fire work to low temperature, since the native clay of the region is earthenware, which does not require as much energy consumption to fire. Having been raised on a farm in rural Maine and now based in the city of Portland, she is inspired by organic plant life set against the rigidity of a metropolitan landscape; the determination of plant life to thrive and succeed through brick and stone. Rebecca’s signature abstract plant designs are individually cut out by hand for use as stencils, then carved and often further embellished with water etching, masking, various printmaking techniques, dots and screen printed imagery. She hopes that those who use her work will enjoy it as much as she has enjoyed creating it.

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