Martha W Sinclair

Damariscotta, ME - Marnie Sinclair is a process artist raised in the tropics with its lush flora and fauna, then living and working on Martha’s Vineyard with its pristine beaches and wildlife, and now making her home on the rugged coast of Maine. She has always been inspired by Nature and finds the perfect balance, color combinations, textures, and designs especially intriguing, motivating her to try a wide variety of artistic expressions to speak to its grandeur. She works in many different mediums, but prefers sculpture for its tactual quality. She is equally comfortable working two dimensionally if her idea calls for that kind of expression. Additionally, Marnie is an environmental activist who often uses her art to visually express the many complicated issues that surround climate change. She is greatly concerned that Nature’s perfect balance is being thrown off by our inability to live sustainably as we power our way over the environment, resulting in all life on the planet being compromised and impacted.