Marcia Crumley

Cape Elizabeth - "The Maine landscape is a source of limitless inspiration for me.  I never tire of its fast-moving weather, and I love watching the clouds and light dance across the water, sky, mountains, and woods. After spending summers in Maine for over 30 years, I moved here full-time in 2018. Daily walks along the coast and through the nearby state park fuel my creativity (and helped boost my spirits during the pandemic). I also took up gardening for the first time in my life, and my pollinator-friendly flowers are a new subject matter for my painting.


My primary painting media are acrylics on canvas and encaustics on panel. In both media I focus on layers and texture, typically beginning with an underpainting in a saturated monotone such as magenta or violet. The underpainting creates a dynamic color contrast to the foliage, trees, or water, adding a sense of movement to my paintings. I build up additional layers of paint or wax, and then often incise the layers to reveal glimpses of the underlying colors and to add texture and depth."

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