Holly Berry Moiles

Waldoboro — “Ideas for my images are inspired by my attraction to the graphic elements of my immediate surrounding here in Maine. Everywhere I see strong lines, bold shapes, saturated colors, textures and patterns. I love the act of carving a block of wood or linoleum. It is decisive and immediate act and, I find, a meditative process. Using knives and gouges to realize a design appeals to my love of making things with my hands and my appreciation for craftsmanship. For me, it is the perfect way to interpret, express my love for and celebrate the beautiful world in which we live.”

Holly Berry’s work as a printmaker has been recognized with an Individual Arts Fellowship in Printmaking by the Maine Arts Commission and is a member of the Boston Printmakers. Her prints have been exhibited in invitational, juried and group shows throughout the country and included in the Maine-Aomori Print Exchange with Japan. Her bold and dynamic prints share her keen attention to the details in the forms of natural objects in the landscapes she inhabits and thrives in.