Heather Fountain

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with how light illuminates, catches, and even plays with reflective surfaces; this makes glass a perfect medium for my work. Whether walking the beach searching for the treasures gifted by the ocean, admiring the colors in the sky, or watching the ripples trace along the surface of the water, nature has always provided inspiration for my work and a sense of peace, which I hope to share with others through my work. 

I make my work glass cast pieces or sheets of patterned glass to create unique elements to include in my work. Whether layering sheet glass, powders, stringers (string of glass or frit), or crushed glass, I utilize diverse kiln-formed techniques to achieve textural works that capture nature's beauty in glass. 

I count myself lucky to live in my favorite place, on the coast of Maine, which provides great inspiration for my life and work.