Glenna S Oliver

Bethel - Many years ago, I purchased an antique wool quilt and fell in love. Wool has many different variations... The texture: thick, dense, thin, smooth or rough. The pattern and color of the wool: plaid, herringbone, stripes and solids. Each of these factors come into play when it comes time for me to choose the right fabric for my stocking and pillow designs. Which fabric will be best for a moose, or a wolf? How about a snowman or pine tree?
Each item is handcrafted with great care and attention to detail. The individual pieces of the pillows are all traced and cut out by hand. Then the designs (animals, trees etc.) are also traced and carefully cut out. Once the designs are hand-sewn onto the surface, the pillows are then assembled on the sewing machine. Finally, each item is checked for any flaws before I proudly add the “Maine Made” tag. -- Glenna Oliver, Away Up North

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