Cullen Concannon

Cape Elizabeth - "I design and hand craft distinctive and versatile sterling silver jewelry and accessories including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and shawl & hair pins. My designs are composed of clean, crisp shapes and smooth flowing lines, integrating a variety of metals, Maine beach stones & seaglass, gemstones, and beads. Simple, sleek, and organic.

Ideas for my jewelry are inspired by the world around me in nature; such as flowers, leaves, textures, the ocean, and even the weather, as well as shapes and patterns found in architecture and textiles. Living in Maine, provides an endless changing of inspiration throughout the seasons. Creating something someone else finds beautiful, meaningful, or heart-warming, or communicates for the wearer who they are or makes them feel confident, happy or complete - this is immensely fulfilling for me. It’s the perfect merging of passion, purpose and outcome."