Brahms Mount LLC

Brahms Mount weaves textiles with a signature American look and soft, luxurious hand. Classically beautiful, wonderfully comfortable and grounded in the authentic character and centuries-old textile tradition of Maine, their products have been capturing hearts since the company was founded in 1983. Brahms Mount blankets, throws and linen towels are woven on antique shuttle looms by local artisans in our mill in Monmouth, Maine. To achieve vibrant colors, they use specially engineered yarns spun from the finest natural fibers and colorfast, eco-friendly dyes. The pieces come off the loom feeling clean and untreated, rich and resilient. Maine has a strong textile tradition that Brahms Mount is proud to continue. Their machines and methods that have stood the test of time – and still produce the best quality available. But most of all, Brahms Mount is proud to play a role in keeping American manufacturing alive and well.