Akakpo & Co.

Portland - Ebenezer Akakpo. "Design can often be interpreted as a luxury for the wealthy. But it is my mission to use design as a tool to solve problems. The creation of the Akakpo line has allowed me to combine my multi-faceted educational experiences with this desire to affect positive change.

I am able to use the traditional designs of my Ghanaian heritage to create pieces of art that carry personal and cultural power. After designing a portable filtration system with B9 Plastics to purify water for the people of my native Ghana,

I decided to commit 70% of the proceeds from my Emekor Collection to continue to support the Better Water Maker project I helped them launch.

I am in a very unique place because of the many directions my path has pointed me in, and I count myself blessed every day that my path has led me here. It is only in looking back that we can appreciate how the many experiences of our lives created the people we have become."