Willard Pack

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Meet the Willard Day Pack – a versatile companion for those who appreciate both style and adaptability. This bag is a true chameleon, ready to transform to suit your every mood and need. Whether you're in need of a hands-free fanny pack for an adventurous day or desire a relaxed, urban vibe with a crossbody tote, the Willard has got you covered.

But there's more to love – this bag effortlessly transitions between styles, ensuring it complements your look, whether it's a dressed-up occasion or a casual day out. It's like having a fashion-forward friend that always knows what's in style. With the Willard Day Pack by your side, you're not just carrying essentials; you're making a bold fashion statement. It's an expression of your dynamic, ever-changing personality. So wear it your way and let your style shine! Featuring an easy-reach zippered closure and an adjustable strap for added convenience.

Approximate Dimension:
10.5”w | 6.5”h | 2”d