Painted Buoy Keychain

These colorful buoy keyrings make finding things easier! Each one is unique and equally lovely!  

Please note that due to the unique aspects and wide variations of this item, we cannot accommodate requests for specific colors over the phone or online. You're always welcome to stop in our brick-and-mortar store on Main Street in Rockland to pick your favorite. We’d love to see you there! 

About the creator: Meg Reilly is a crafty Mainer who loves sailing the deep waters and exploring the craggy beaches around Penobscot Bay. For years she's worked out of her house, making traditional knotwork into Bristol-fashion nautical decor, accessories, and pet toys. To learn more about Meg and see more of her work click here

Prefer to order over the phone? Give us a call: (207) 596-0701