Island Journal 2010

Island Institute
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In addition to the folio by renowned author and artist Ashley Bryan of Islesford, this issue features an article about two Dutch 'ghost' islands, stories of adaptation and loss from two U.S. barrier islands, a piece about border issues on Campobello Island, a history of island farming, and the children's authors who call Peaks Island home - and that's just a sampling of what's between the covers.


Stories in this issue:


From the Helm


Swept Away
by Philip Conkling


When Islands Disappear
How did two Dutch islands cope with becoming part of the mainland?
by Theo Holtwijk


Are Islands Expendable?
Leaders from the Seychelles to Vinalhaven confront consequences of climate change
by David Conover


Salvage and Regeneration
Stories of adaptation and loss from tow barrier islands
by Rob Synder


Nostalgia by the Sea
As fishing villages disappear, they are romanticized as symbols of a better, bygone era
by John Gillis


Fox Islands Wind


Build It
Canada invests in its harbors, large and small
by David D. Platt


Border Troubles
On Campobello Island and other parts of the Maine - New Brunswick frontier, post-9/11 border thickening has complicated lives and business
by Colin Woodard


New Pages
Journey to a new library started with burned pages
by Liz Awalt


In Search of the Smithy Boat
by Harry Gratwick


A Face, a Place, a Taste
Rejuvenating local food production on islands
by Russell Libby


Island Farms: A History of Abundance
by James Conkling


Ashley Bryan of Islesford - and the World
Painter, puppeteer, storyteller, author and illustrator, this artist find his creative center on Little Cranberry Island
by Carl Little


They All Lived Happily Ever After
Children's book illustrators and authors flourish on Peaks Island
by David A. Tyler


Through the Eyes of the Young


Island Scholarships
20 years of supporting student aspirations
by Cyrus Moulton


Island Fellows
In their own words


Island Institute Accomplishments


by Ellen Ruppel Shell