Island Journal 2009, Waypoints

Island Institute
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The 25th-anniversary edition of Island Journal, the Island Institute's celebrated yearly magazine of island life, contains a
tribute to Andrew Wyeth, 'a man who loved islands' and an extraordinary folio of his island work. This year's expanded edition, entitled Island
Journal: Waypoints 1984-2009
, also includes a folio of Frenchboro paintings by Russian-born artist Daud Akhriev, new essays, and a retrospective of articles, poems and photographs that map the progress of the Institute's programs over the past 25 years. 

Stories include:

Dedication - Betsy and Andrew Wyeth

From the Helm

WAYPOINT - Communities

Reinventing Islesford's Neighborhood House by Bill McGuinness

An Extra Set of Hands by Island Fellows

Separateness & Togetherness by David A. Tyler

Bringing Hope by Cherie Galyean

WAYPOINT - Schools & Education

Backing into the Future by Muriel L. Hendrix

Storing Knowledge by Nancy Griffin

The Sound of Youth by Philip Conkling

Going 'Up' to School by Frances Leftkowitz

Come Together by Julie Ann Canniff

WAYPOINT - Art & the Creative Economy

Andrew Wyeth by Chris Crosman
(only available in print)

In Residence by Carl Little

Daud Akhriev by Scott Sell

WAYPOINT - Environments

Island Wind by Philip Conkling

A Climate of Change by Hayden & Garratt-Reed

In the Lair of the Ice King by Philip Conkling

Marine Communities by Ted Ames

Who Were they? by Arthur E. Spiess

WAYPOINT - Fisheries

Creating a Fishery of the Future by Libby, Kramar & Eayrs

From the Bottom Up by Acheson & Wilson

The Great Lobster Collaboration by Philip Conkling

In Cod We Trusted by David Conover

WAYPOINT - Working Waterfronts

Keeping Waterfronts Working by David A. Tyler

A Highway Home by Steve Cartwright

A Family Tradition by Jane Day