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Hot Springs, Photos and Stories of how the World Soaks, Swims, and Slows Down by Greta Rybus

This book transports you to high mountains, remote islands, vast deserts, and the Arctic to soak in the ethereal beauty of natural hot springs. From sacred sites in India to municipal pools in Iceland and beyond, photojournalist Greta Rybus has traveled the world to document the warm, wild gathering places that have comforted the weary and adventurous for centuries. 

Each spring is unique, a reflection of not just its physical location but of the people who care for and enjoy it. Hot Springs guides you through breathtaking landscapes and offers intriguing insights on historical significance, proper etiquette, and the roles these springs have in their communities. You'll hear from bathers in Hungary and Japan about how hot baths are a consistent part of their wellness and social routines. You’ll learn about a repatriated hot spring in South Africa and explore the power of communal ownership for locals in Alaska, Greenland, and Mexico. You’ll read about a pool that Antony reportedly gave to Cleopatra and hot springs in Iceland still connected to an outlaw past.

Greta's breathtaking photography transports you to more than two dozen worldwide locations while introducing you to the interconnected communities surrounding them. Hot Springs is your invitation to revel in the healing powers of water and its ability to connect us to ourselves, others, and the planet.