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Founders Josh Davis and Bruno Tropeano tell the story behind Gelato Fiasco's early days in Brunswick and provide more than 100 recipes for making gelato and sorbetto in your home kitchen. This beautifully photographed book, published by Down East Books, is perfect for any home cook who loves Maine or loves desserts - so, pretty much anyone?

Hardcover, 144 pages

A little taste from the introduction to give you a flavor:

"One of the most interesting phenomenons about being a gelato maker is having people apologize when they refer to your craft as “ice cream.” It happens to me constantly. People will say to me, “Hey Josh, I stopped by your shop and had some of your delicious ice cre . . . um . . . gelato!” I have considered this phenomenon over the last several years and actually appreciate exactly the origin of this freudian slip—first of all, gelato is ice cream in Italy. In Rome, if you say to your friends, “Let’s go get ice cream,” they assume you mean gelato. If you meant American-style ice cream, your Italian friends would probably just stay home. However, in Brunswick, Maine, (where I typically have this conversation) gelato and ice cream are available. Gelato Fiasco has made gelato just as approachable as ice cream; in its proper place as just one of dozens of styles of frozen desserts we all enjoy. That’s something I am proud of! So, I choose to assume that’s what people mean when they say they love my “ice cream.” "