Dahlov Ipcar: Blue Moons & Menageries

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Dahlov Ipcar: Blue Moons & Menageries documents the exhibition of the same name, organized by the Bates College Museum of Art. It features an essay on the artist’s art education, an exhibition checklist, and numerous color reproductions of works in the exhibition, some of which are being exhibited publicly for the first time.

by Bates College Museum of Art, published by Maine Author's Publishing in Thomaston

Harcover, 84 pages


Anthony Shostak is the Education Curator of the Bates College Museum of Art and the lead curator on the Blue Moons & Menageries exhibition project.

Sara Torres Vega, PhD, is a scholar of art pedagogy, focusing on educational practices catalyzing social connectivity. She works as the Education Research Assistant at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.