Bernard Langlais Revisited

Perhaps on a visit to Rockland or Camden you've included a visit to the Langlais Preserve in Cushing, cared for by the Georges River Land Trust. If not, you need to add this to your list! And if you have, get to know the artist a bit better by picking up Pat Davidson Reef's book on his work.

"This book is a visual biography for young people and art lovers about Maine artist Bernard Langlais, who has a distinctive style. It explores visually the artist’s style in creating wood sculptures, fine line drawings, and oil paintings on paper. Also included in the book are examples of works by Langlais selected from major museums, schools, and libraries across the state that comprise the Langlais Art Trail. A map of the Langlais Art Trail and photographs of the Langlais Preserve, the 90 acres once the home of the artist, make it an exciting book. A discussion of the importance of taking care of the environment, as well as the art in it, is an important message in the book. It is designed for both children and adults to enjoy."

Paperback. 70 pages, 12x9

If you enjoy this book, see Pat's Book on artist Dahlov Ipcar!

Published by Maine Author's Publishing down route 1 from Archipelago in Thomaston.

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