Wayne Allen Robbins

Bath - Raised on the coast of Maine, Wayne Robbins was inspired as a youth to capture the essence of nature in wood. As he developed his art, he found that time in his studio complemented his career as a biology teacher. Robbins’ appreciation of the innate beauty of wood helps him design pieces that maximize the beauty and grace of both the medium and the subject. He chooses from a variety of native and exotic woods. By selecting a wood that complements his subject, a synergy results that informs and guides his creative process. For finishes, Robbins uses various combinations of oils and waxes to give the sculpture that “almost wet” look as well as a feeling that is silky-smooth to touch. Robbins’ representational style depicts the natural grace and beauty of the creatures he loves. Sculpture sizes range from two inches to four feet, in both wall mounts and freestanding compositions. Each sculpture is unique and identified for its species, numbered, dated and signed by the artist.


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