Sarah Wilde

"As an artist I have come full circle. After graduating from the Corcoran school of Art, my pursuit of, and passion for a life of painting were replaced by one of teaching and raising a family. I was an art teacher for many years in public schools in Maine. I also taught expressive dance in the private sector and was happily busy with my son, husband, cats and a dog. Eventually I again became impassioned with painting.

Initially, the physical beauty of Maine was my muse. In time I began to also explore abstraction. From these exploratory works, figures, boulders, animals and other mysterious images have emerged from my canvases. I am still painting land and seascapes, which are influenced by my love of dance and expressionism. I have learned to trust and follow a more intuitive approach to my work. I am fascinated and inspired by this process and hope I continue to remain open to what may emerge in the years to come."

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