Sadie Lloyd Mudge

Waldo - "Bee Balm & Nettle was born out of warm baths after evening skis by headlamp; lavender sprigs, calendula petals, and eucalyptus leaves floating in the water around me. These healing baths bring me so much peace and joy; I wanted to share that with others.

The medicinal flowers and herbs in our products are grown at Bee Balm & Nettle or foraged from nearby woods or waters edges. We also grow organic bulk herbs on family farmland here in Maine. Any sourced materials are certified organic

I started collecting and growing medicinal herbs and flowers for Bee Balm & Nettle in 2017. I wanted to create products to help people reclaim the peace in their life and allow themselves a moment to step away, breath deep, and take care of their own wellbeing. 

This work, for me, is about the intrinsic connection I have always felt to the Maine landscape and fulfillment I experience from the brief but vibrant growing season here. Through my own experience, and the wise instruction of my husband (who has been farming for over a decade now), each year I expand my awareness and skills, and expand our product line to reflect that. Our products are thoughtfully created to bring peace and healing into your life."

-Sadie Mudge

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