Pam Cabanas

Friendship - Pam Cabañas is well known for her evocative paintings in soft pastel, inkwash and charcoal works on paper. These works create a haunting portrait of the artist’s relationship with the harsh yet beautiful coast of Maine. Pam’s ink wash and pastel paintings focus on the islands, coves and ledges of her hometown, Friendship, Maine. These intimate pictures have been called “love letters” to a town that has given this artist an environment full of inspiration, rich in history, rich in beauty, and rich in its ways. Pam’s most recent works in charcoal on vellum tell strong yet subtle stories of the sea and the emotion it so easily evokes.                                                                                                    

“I see my paintings as self reflections of my awkward dance through life, love, and Maine. I hope the work is evocative of mood and emotion. A soft spoken challenge to the tides, skies and seasons: reveal just a dime’s worth of your mysteries” Pam Cabañas 2015

Pam is featured in this year's Island Journal! Find it below along with her ceramic work. 


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