Molly O Cards

From the day she drew a giant smiley face in crayon on her family’s living room wall (and blamed it on her baby brother) Molly O. Fedarko has liked to draw.

 “I think of myself more as a doodler than an artist, and that may be because after studying art history and working in the rare air of museums, I think of an artist as a slightly different being. To me the important thing is the connection.  Seeing something that delights, or makes you think, and then being able to take a little bit of that with you, and share it with someone else. I like to think of cards as little pieces of art that you can send along, and in the process maybe make someone else’s day a little lighter. With mollyOcards, I hope to share the simple joy I take in art, in the natural world, in stick figures, and in the absurd, and pass that along to you.”

 Molly O. Fedarko lives in Camden, Maine with her husband and two sons, and created her line of paper goods and baby rompers with a sense of fine design and light-hearted silliness, in equal measure. Freshly drawn art for all ages.