Guide to Lighthouses in Maine

The allure of Maine lighthouses is as formidable as its seacoast, attracting thousands of visitors and enthusiasts each year. From the northernmost outpost of Whitlock Mills Light to Grindle Point Light on Isleboro, to the southern beacon of Cape Neddick (Nubble) Light―one of the most scenic and most photographed lighthouses in the world, boasting over 250,000 visitors annually―a total of sixty-four existing lighthouses dot the bold coast and rugged islands of Maine. 

The Islandport Guide to Lighthouses in Maine celebrates the long-standing history and importance of each lighthouse, as well as its modern-day use and accessibility. A special section for mariners will detail the sea approach to 22 of the lighthouses. Gorgeous four-color photography by photographer, Courtney Thompson, combined with vintage postcard imagery make this guidebook as handsome as it is useful, with updated descriptions and directions to each destination, GPS coordinates, a checklist, and relevant resource information on surrounding attractions that will help make the most of your visit.

By Ted Panayotoff 

Photographs by Courtney Thompson and Ted Panayotoff

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